As the CBD and Delta 8 industries continue to grow you will find more and more ways to take these products. One particularly popular way to take CBD or Delta 8 is edibles. CBD and Delta 8 edibles are available in all different types and varieties. This blog will help walk you through the basic about CBD or Delta 8 edibles to help you understand what may be right for you. 

CBD Or Delta 8 Edible Basics 

You may be asking yourself, what exactly is an edible. CBD or Delta 8 edibles are simply products that contain either CBD or Delta 8 extract from the hemp plant. These products are infused with the extract, which then allows you to ingest them orally and have the product entire your digestive system. Edibles are a unique way to have either CBD or Delta 8 enter your body. While they contain CBD or Delta 8 like a sublingual oil, vape product, or smokable products they enter your body in their own unique way. 

You will find that there are many kinds of edibles. They come in gummies, chocolates, candies, gum, cookies, infused drinks, honey, and many different types. Typically, though, the most popular form of edibles is either CBD or Delta 8 gummies. These are wonderfully tasting, easy to chew gummy candies that contain hemp extract. 

How Edibles Work 

Edibles work by allowing you to ingest CBD or Delta 8 and have it process through your digestive system. This is different than sublingual oils that have CBD or Delta 8 upload into your body through glands in your mouth. This is also different than smoking or vaping which has the products upload into your body through your respiratory system. The primary difference between edibles and these other methods of taking CBD or Delta 8 is the amount of time it takes for it to get inside of your body. 

An edible can take an hour or more for it to work into your body. This is because it must go through your digestive process including your stomach and liver. The effects of edibles are often described as being a bit more subtle than faster-acting methods like vapes and tinctures.  But the effects can last for up to 8 hours, which is unique from other delivery methods, and a feature that is undoubtedly desirable. Edibles are great for people who want to maintain active levels of hemp in the body throughout the day. 

Why Are Edibles So Popular? 

CBD and Delta 8 edibles have gained popularity for many reasons. One of the reasons they are so popular is because of their longer lasting effects. If you are dealing with chronic pain or anxiety, it is often better to have a product that last in your system for many hours throughout the day. Edibles can do this nicely and provide you with longer lasting relief. 

Another reason that edibles are so popular is because they come in a form that many people are used to and often not afraid to try. Who hasn’t had a candy or some type of gummy in their life? This is familiarity allows people to feel comfortable taking a CBD or Delta 8 gummy. And, edibles are often made in flavors that people enjoy, which makes it easier to take something when you like its taste. 

Edibles are also popular because of their convenience and exact dosing. It is very easy to take a CBD or Delta 8 edible on the go. You can simply take a gummy or candy with you if you are out of the house or at work and take them with no effort whatsoever. In addition to being convenient, they are a consistent dose. For instance, if a gummy says it is 25mgs you know that it is 25mgs and you don’t have to worry about measuring something out to figure out how many milligrams of CBD or Delta 8 you are getting. 

Different Kinds of CBD or Delta 8 Edibles 

The big popularity of edibles means that you will likely find many different types when you go to your local CBD store. So, let’s take a look at some important things to consider when you go about purchasing your edibles. 

Milligram Strength 

The first thing to consider with any edible is the milligram strength of the product. This refers to the milligrams of either CBD or Delta 8 in the product. Any easy way to describe this is gummies. There are gummies that can range in milligram strength from 10mgs to 25mgs or more in a particular gummy. The more milligrams of either CBD or Delta 8 in a product, the stronger that product is. When shopping, pay attention to the milligram strength, taking into consideration how strong you want your daily dose of CBD or Delta 8 to be. 


Since we are talking about edible products that means that there are many different flavor options for you to choose from. You may love gummy bears but aren’t a fan of peach rings. It may not be gummies that you prefer, but rather chocolates. No matter flavor you prefer there is likely an edible in an option you would like. So, don’t settle for something you don’t like, but rather find exactly the kind of product that would make you happy.  


For most people, texture can be just as important as flavor. Some may not like a gummies text and may want something less chewy. Or you might prefer something like a hard candy that you can just suck on. Whatever ever your texture preference there are likely CBD or Delta 8 products out there to meet your needs. 

How To Take CBD Or Delta 8 Edibles 

Taking CBD edibles is extremely easy and intuitive. On the package, you will see a dosing guide that tells you how many to take per dose. Follow these instructions and wait about 2 hours to feel the effects. You can take two doses per day if desired or increase your dosage if you feel that this would be beneficial. 

CBD edibles do expire after about two years, so make sure that you avoid the temptation to stock up on way more than you will realistically use within this period. 

Taking Edibles With Other Products 

Many people wonder if they can take edibles with other CBD or Delta 8 products. The short is yes, but there is something to keep in mind. CBD and Delta 8 are nontoxic to the body, which means that taking more than one dose per day is not associated with any major risks. Keep in mind that exceedingly high doses may make you feel sleepy. 

Final Thoughts 

As you can see there are many different options and things to consider when looking for CBD or Delta 8 edibles. The main thing to keep in mind is that there are many options for you when you are looking for products. You don’t have to settle for a flavor, strength, or texture you don’t like. Look for edibles that are made with quality ingredients, in the preferred milligram strength and flavor, and take them daily according to your needs and preferences. And if you have any questions, a reputable CBD store like CBD Supply Maryland will be there to help you through the purchasing process.