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CBD Hemp Flower

At CBD Supply Maryland we offer premium hemp flower. The first thing we do before buying CBD flower is check the quality. We make sure that all our flower is trimmed properly, is grown organically, and that the seeds have been removed. We also ensure that it has been cured and stored in the right way.

CBD hemp flowers differ in their CBD levels. Regular CBD flowers have 3-6% CBD, while high CBD flowers have 6-10%+ CBD in them. The higher the concentration in CBD, the more beneficial it will be in treating various health disorders and ailments. At CBD Supply Maryland we ensure that all our flower strains have 10% CBD or more in them to offer you relief.

CBD has been shown to help with many things, but in particular it can help with pain, inflammation, and anxiety. The premium flower at CBD Supply Maryland can be an effective way to deliver CBD to you because of how quickly it enters the body. Once flower is smoked it is released into the lungs and can start providing relief within minutes.

Hemp flower comes in a variety of forms. The most common flower type is loose flower. This type is typically sold by the gram and at CBD Supply Maryland comes pre-packed in 3.5- and 7-gram jars. In addition to loose flower there is also flower pre-rolls which is hemp flower that has already been rolled for you. Finally, it is possible to enjoy hemp flower in a CBD cigarette form that looks and feels like a traditional cigarette without the tobacco.

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