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Humming Buds Products

CBD Supply Maryland takes the Maryland in our name seriously. We continually look to source as many Maryland based and local companies as possible. A perfect example of this is Humming Buds. Humming Buds is headquartered right on Maryland’s Eastern Shore. They started as a tomato farm and have now progressed to growing some of the best craft hemp flower in the state of Maryland.

All of Humming Buds hemp flowers are premium quality products. The hemp flower is trimmed properly and dried exactly as it should be. There are no seeds and its not full of stems. It is a premium hemp product. Humming Buds is an all-natural farm. This means they grow only with organic techniques and use only non-GMO hemp. It is nothing but the best quality for our customers.

In addition to using top quality techniques they also have third-party lab testing for all their products. We require our vendors to do this at CBD Supply Maryland because we want to ensure the quality and consistency of the products we offer.

When you smoke CBD hemp flower you are allowing your body to have nearly immediate relief because smoking allows CBD to enter your body within minutes. It also minimizes the breakdown of CBD that can occur with a product that is an edible, which must travel through your stomach and liver to enter your body.

So, if you are looking for premium quality local hemp flower for pain, inflammation, and anxiety relief Humming Buds is a good choice.

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