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Family Care CBD 300mg Warming Balm


  • Family Care CBD 300mg Warming Balm
  • Third Party Tested For Purity, Potency, And Safety
  • Grown, Processed, And Manufactured In Maryland
  • All-Natural Ingredients


Family Care CBD warming balm is easy to apply when muscles are fatigued or when joints are in pain. Great before and after working out. The science behind CBD being topically applied, is its anti-inflammatory properties. Allowing you to apply at the source of your pain to help fight inflammation and recover faster. When applied topically it doesn’t have to be metabolized, acting as a strong, effective, reliable aid that starts working quickly.

Family Care CBD warming balm is formulated with phytocompounds and essential oils making our products more than just CBD. Phytocompounds including Arnica– for pain caused by osteoarthritis, bleeding, bruising, and swelling. Menthol- for pain in muscles, joints, and sprains. Camphor (Cinnamomum)- antibacterial, anti-fungal, relieves pain and skin irritation. Eucalyptus- keeps bugs away, disinfects wounds, also an anti-inflammatory. Cayenne Extract (Capsicum Annuum)- for pain relief, psoriasis, and reduces inflammation. Aloe- moisturizing, soothing, anti-bacterial, and anti-inflammatory. Shea Butter- anti-inflammatory, healing, and anti-aging moisturizing benefits. Cocoa Butter- moisturizing, treats scars and stretch marks. Tea Tree Oil- antiseptic, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory. Frankincense (Boswellia)- anti-inflammatory effects for joint inflammation.

Family Care CBD is in Baltimore County Maryland. They specialize in organic, carbon dioxide (CO2) extraction methods for their products like Family Care CBD warming balm. Carbon dioxide-based extraction is environmentally friendly, cleaner, safer, and less toxic than standard fossil fuel-based extraction methods. CO2 extraction results in a consistent solvent free product. We naturally produce carbon dioxide when we breathe so it’s considered a “natural” product. The FDA considers it safe which is why CO2 is used, among other things, to keep our soda pop fresh. CO2 is nontoxic and CO2 extraction processes do not contribute toward carbon emission increases in our atmosphere.

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