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Koi Berry Punch Kratom Gummies


  • 10ct jar (500mg active ingredients)
  • 50mg Mitragynine Per Gummy
  • Available In 3 Flavors
  • Energizing Properties
  • Lab Tested For Safety And Potency


Koi Berry Punch Kratom Extract Infused Gummies are Koi’s venture into kratom products! Like CBD Supply Maryland, Koi believes many different types of plant-based medicine can be utilized to help our customers feel great.

These gummies are available in a 10ct jar. Each gummy contains 50mg of pure mitragynine and natural flavoring.

The first two things kratom users are looking for in a kratom extract gummy are the potency levels and if the flavors will mask the bitter taste of the plant. Koi has done an excellent job ensuring both categories check the box!

Koi has used an advanced extraction technique to ensure they get the most alkaloid content out of the plant. These Koi Berry Punch Kratom Gummies are a full-spectrum kratom product that includes 50mg of pure mitragynine.

This makes these gummies one of if not the most potent kratom extract gummies on the market! Many gummies contain 15 to 30mg per gummy. The reason is that the higher the percentage of alkaloids in the product, the harder to mask the taste.

Koi has that issue handled as well! If users have learned anything while experimenting with kratom and how to mask it, they know deep berry flavors and tart or sour flavors work best—knowing that Koi has done just that! Enjoy a sweet but tart Berry Punch!

Are Kratom Extract Gummies Good For Energy?

Kratom extract gummies are an excellent source of clean energy for users! The kratom plant, or mitragyna speciosa, contains over 50 different alkaloids. The two most well-known of these alkaloids are mitragynine and 7 hydroxy mitragynine.

When looking at the effects of these two alkaloids, research has shown that mitragynine provides users with energizing effects. 7 hydroxy mitragynine is what gives users sedating and analgesic effects.

The higher percentage of mitragynine in a product, the better it will be for energy and focus. These gummies are full spectrum (containing all of the alkaloids) but have 50mg of pure mitragynine. Users can expect to feel a burst of clean energy, pain relief, and mood-boosting properties from this gummy.

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