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Koi CBD Gummies Tropical 6 Pack


Quality: This product comes with a burst of tropical flavors and is infused with full spectrum CBD. Having been crafted with both taste and efficacy in mind, these gummies are very effective in restoring relief and relaxation to our bodies. Koi makes their gummies with a 3-step process, showing how thorough and dedicated they are. This allows CBD to get into every gummy sufficiently and evenly, so you get the effect you need. All their products are made naturally and are non-psychoactive.

Effect: Every pack contains 6 gummies, with 10mg of CBD in each one. An adult should take 1 CBD gummy 1-3 times daily. It is recommended that the user waits for 3 hours after the initial dose before taking the next in order to get the best results from CBD. The Koi CBD Tropical Gummies have been lab-tested to guarantee their quality.


Many companies use a spray-on CBD method when making their gummies, but at KOI, they use a 3-step process that guarantees the CBD is evenly distributed in every gummy. That’s why their products remain of higher quality than other gummies in the market. Besides the taste sensation found in every gummy, KOI CBD Gummies can effectively deal with anxiety, dizziness, stress, depression, light pain, and muscle soreness.