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Rx Remedies 1,000mg Indica Plain CBD


  • Premium quality full-spectrum CBD in every bottle
  • Superior-quality CBD product created by CO2 extraction
  • THC- free hemp grown using organic farming techniques
  • Formulated by a board-certified toxicologist and pharmacologist
  • Third-party lab tested to ensure quality and effectiveness



This full-spectrum 1,000mg Indica CBD oil is the best for sleep, anxiety, pain, and insomnia and much more. RX Remedies proprietary blend of terpenes works synergistically with CBD. The combination of this blend is anti-inflammation, heightened alertness, elevated mood, and stress relief. Indica is a relaxing and sedating option that is best for evenings and for combating anxiety, pain, inflammation, and stress.

Ingredients: MCT (medium-chain triglycerides) oil, full-spectrum cannabidiol, proprietary terpene blend (indica), (mentha x piperita).